Friday, 7 February 2014

Elections go to Round 2 in El Salvador

Here’s where I am – the Hotel Sheraton, San Salvador.  It’s beautiful, but sad.

Sad not so much because we just missed winning the presidential elections on the first round (real close 48.2%. Tony Saca already says he’ll support the FMLN next round.
No, because observer delegations are staying here. Most Salvadorans live like this:

Me too. Couldn’t I have asked to meet in a people’s café?
Hate being an observer anyway, although the FMLN invited me. It’s so arrogant – given our hypocritical Me First World democracy. 20% women in Parliament/Congress! Like, totally representative/participatory, dude.
Plus all candidates were men. And, anyone run on climate change? The garbage bucket is screaming! 

On cue, a TV magazine(mindless babble) show has just set up. Plenty of ‘girls’ here, of course. Plastic as paint. All the guys that call the shots are – can you guess? - guys.
Discussing ‘young people’.  Oh, great: their future within the coming catastrophe, surely?  Um .. not so much. Try clothes.


Oh, goody: a music break. Oh, horrificy: All-guy band lip-synching as they fidget-dance. Lilly Manilli would be proud. Says it all, no? Guys pretending to sing ‘romantic’ songs to plastic women.

For this Farabundo Marti, Monseñor Romero, Don Elba Ramos, her daughter Celina and countless other Salvadorans died?    No. For this:

Don Antonio was wounded fighting with the FMLN. He has the proudest limp I ever saw. Doña Carmen is Monseñor Romero’s cousin. He helped raise her. She gave me this:

Mother Nature will take care of our Sheratons. The reality of Romero, Don Antonio, Doña Carmen and so many others – that reality will endure.

Round 2. Bring it on!
¡¡Hasta la Victoria Global, compañer@s!!

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