Sunday, 22 September 2013

Realising the Dream; Bringing Victor Home

Nicaragua: Notes from the Frontline #3: Astonishing Times continued: Chile - Nicaragua - Chile

Echoes of Silence
One Planet. One People.
Workers, not 'Stars' [Victor Jara]

Nicaragua: Notes from the Frontline #3

Hey All,

Just couldn't resist re-posting this photo of wee Sami, one of our myriad grandchildren.

Relevance? Well, been invited to go (back) to Chile in November. Working on elaborating wee Sami's message, incorporating the whole ALBA saga into something like:

"Realizing the Dream; Bringing Victor Home."

As I wrote to Tony Corden, the other VJ fanatic who proposed us making the trip in the first place:

"It's a wonderful circle, founded on the music:

     a) Chilean exiles come to UK/US, inspiring us via Victor's songs with Allende's dream: 'That every child have milk to drink, every day.'
     b) They, Joan [Jara], we, work/sing away to keep the dream alive/attempt to make it real during 40 long years. Hard going but increasingly wonderful, in Wales you, Malcolm and co. with 'El SueƱo Existe' [The Dream Lives On], in Nicaragua, our Movt. Cultural Victor Jara with our festival, 'Victor Jara Siempre Canta' [Victor Jara Still Sings], the constant tours, singing translations, songs about Victor, articles, etc.
     c) Return to Chile in November 2013 to honor the exiles, bringing Victor (and them) home in our songs, and telling people about ALBA, encouraging Chile to join because in the ALBA countries, yes! the children actually do have milk to drink, every day!!
     In so many ways ALBA is the realising of the original dream.

Watch this space for developments.

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