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One Planet. One People: In-Dependence within Inter-Dependence.

Echoes of Silence
One Planet. One People.
Workers, not 'Stars' [Victor Jara]
Nicaragua: Notes from the Frontline 2                        

Please click on photo to see full beauty.

Dear Everyone

Independence Day here. Like most countries, lots of marching about, flag saluting, extolling 'The Fatherland'.  But - what about 'The Motherland'? 

And, 'no man/nation is an island'.
So this One World flag is an attempt to enable us to honour both the individual nation and the Mother Earth from which all nations grow and on which we all depend.  In-Dependence within Inter-Dependence. As in that most marvellous of tools, the human hand. 

What do you think, dear family and friends? (Isn't the Nicaraguan version especially soooo  beautiful?).  

How do we begin to get it (or something similar) adopted locally, nationally, globally?

One Planet. One People. Is it, 'Dream on, Dude!' or, 'I have a dream'?

In peace, justice and beauty, much love.

Please sends comments/ideas to 
Or call Nicaragua (505) 86153180 (cell), 2249 0979 (line) 

Thank you.

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